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We all know the most popular Green Dinosaur Yoshi and how he's Mario's pal and all but do you know what Yoshi is based off? Yoshi is based off a dog and a kid named Nin that has an illness that causes him to see things. In 1987 Nin had a dog named Yoshi and Nin had an older brother named Mario.

The Dog was a golden retriever, Nin and Mario would walk the dog a lot. On March 12 1987 Nin had went to school and his friend..well not really his friend and this person named

kaua made fun of Nin's illness.

Later that day Mario was watching TV and Yoshi was laying next him and was next to his bow of popcorn and would eat a few bites each few seconds. "Hungry huh?" Mario said with a smile as he changed the channel on the TV. Nin opened the door and went to his room "How was your day bud?" Mario asked his brother and Nin responded with "Good! I'm gonna go do my Homework" and Mario started to make some Dinner but Nin was screaming that made Mario jump and ran to his room and there was that kid Kaua from school and he had stabbed Nin in the arm. Mario tried to kick him away but when he did the kid stabbed his foot and jumped out the window. Kaua didn't realized he was from from the ground so when he jumped he landed face first and snapped his neck when he fell out the window.

Nin was holding a knife and Mario looked at him while Nin got up and Mario wasn't able to get up and when Nin's eyes met with Mario's eyes "You hurt my brother" Nin said as Mario was scared, Nin stabbed Mario in the eyes and he screamed in pain as Nin let Mario bleed from the eyes and to stop his screaming Nin stabbed his chest multiple times hard, making sure Mario no longer lived but Nin didn't even know it was Mario not Kaua. It was too late to know the difference for Nin.

Nin went down stairs and went to Yoshi and tied down the dog and shaved the fur off Yoshi and spray painted the dog green. The dog would bark and whimper, yoshi looked at Nin but Nin looked at Yoshi thinking this would bring back Mario if he does a sacrifice he read on the internet but shaving a pet a painting it green to bring Mario back. Nin heard the next door "non-Humans" calling the police on Nin so Nin ran away and the police made it there and took the dog away for better care and took away the dead body of Mario.

In 1990 the newspaper showed the event and Nintendo took this and made it into their new Mario game called "Super Mario World" and after never finding the boy named Nin the police stop looking but they have wanted papers all over town. About Nin, but no one ever found Nin some say he's looking for his dog so he can get Mario back because it wasn't his fault he says that was he said or what people say he says when he sees people and people try to call cops on him. If you call cops on him he will kill you with an object or his bare hands. So it's either you help him or you walk or run away thinking nothing else, but never call the police on Nin or he will make sure you die no matter what.

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