Oh, if only you knew...

Oh, we missed you.

You're finally here in time!

We're all punished forever of a crime...

Innocent or not,

our souls were bought.

We'd like to give you change,

it might feel strange.

But that's fine.

We are not divine.

This place is evil.

The archectechture looks midevil.

Now you'll know why,

we all deserve to die.

Our torturers brutal.

Our suffering is crucial.

They start clawing,

into our skin, and knawing,

they love the taste.

They chew till' bone turn to paste,

they need blood now,

and just somehow,

they know where you are,

the timing of their arrival is on par.

Hear their cry,

you may ask why,

why such bloodlust?

Why they want our bones char and dust?

We don't know why, 

why they try,

why they want to kill.

Why they need such thrill.

How they seep through walls,

how they run so fast down the halls.

Their teeth once again bite,

in our flesh, in the midst of eternal night.

They love it when we cry for our lives,

this mad obsession that drives

their hunger much more.

We're safe no longer, anymore.

Everything around us means doom,

we're stuck with nothing but gloom.

Such a dreary world.

Being killed, hurled,

once again.

But, even then.

The pain becomes worse.

This is our curse.