March 19th, year ???

it had to be at least one year when Dr.B was taken over by his own Determination and was corrupted. My son Sans and his little brother had went out with their toy sticks and when they left with their new friend peter the ghost. I went to my room and I turn on my old computer that had all the files from the lab computer from everyone's files from the Determination project. I open a file called Gas of souls, it shows a picture of Dr.B when he was 19 years of age and was next to a Human. I close the picture as I open a new folder that had no name and it had three files. File one was named Subjects and it showed Subject 001 and it showed a green human like creature as Dr.B and some other doctor with long and sharp needles and the other doctor that wore a black lab coat says "Testing, June, 12 year unknown. Testing Virus-000" After he said that they both inject the subject with the virus. After it was injected the subject's body started to turn white and his eyes were black.

the other file had another video that showed them again and it had Subject chained down to a table , melting and Dr.B was watching over it. "Testing 2, Subject 001 is melting and we don't know-" He said as he was cut off by Subject 001 when he just slip through the chain and swallowed him. i went to the third file and it had information of me?! When i looked at it I saw myself. It also said I was made from bone dust "W-what? How is it's not true" I take three steps back from the computer but when I did I felt a sharp pain in my eyes and when I rubbed them, glowing ink was coming from my eyes and it was glowing blue and orange.

I went to the bathroom and saw that my eyes were glowing blue and orange "N-no...I can't have it" I said under my breathe as my face was making a cracking sound as a new crack was on my face as if it was hit by the bat again and it was from my eye to my mouth this time. I look at my hands and when I did my hands started to feel like I was holding lava in my bare hands. I screamed loudly in pain. Once the pain stopped i looked back at my hands and there were holes in my hands.

Two hours had past and I was sitting in the dark . I heard someone knock on my door and when i went to open it, it was Dr.B's child Bean and when he saw me he was scared and had the needle in his hand. He started to stutter when he said he was here to have his revenge for what happened to his father. I grabbed the kid by the neck collar of his red shirt and took the needle and dropped him down and told him to leave or else. The kid ran away with tears in his eyes. Late the night my children came home and had said sorry fro being late and i wasn't that mad like i would be. I just told them never to do it again, Sans was a little freaked out about my new look but Papyrus thought I looked cool.

March 23rd year ???

My children had went out again with their ghost friend once again. I went back to my room but didn't use the computer this time. I went to my bed and i fell asleep but I wished I never woke up. I woke up in a gray room and I was on the floor and I saw the old subjects and the had soulless eyes and were dead like. It wasn't the best sight of my life. I stepped back as I look at a child with brown hair closed eye purple striped shirt but the child scared me because of everything I saw before and I just jumped to the sight of the child and after that i woke up in a cold sweat.