(This is a Trollpasta)

I was looking for some cassete tapes in my grandpa's basebent and i found this odd game called "APPEASE THE SPOODER". I'm not sure if that was the real name, because it was written in black marker or some sheeeeit (no racist) I never thought a game on a cassette tape ever existed, but i said to myself "Let's boot it up, ladies and gentlemen!" I was brought to a black screen with red text reading "welcome to appese the spider. (WARNING, SOME KID PLAYED THIS GAME AND HE DIED, PROBABLY BECAUSE HE MASTURBATED TO IT AND HE WAS MURDERERED BY AN ATACK HELICOPTER (no hobo)". I said to myself "WAT." It then brought me to a very cheap title screen. I clicked play and it brought me straight to the game. It was a photo realistic game. I decided to go to the fridge, because it said "YOU ARE HUNGEE." After i eated, it said "YOU ARE SLEEP DEPRIVED" I went to sleep. The screen started flashing, and all of the sudden, a spider toy said "I AM SPOODER, BRING ME A SNACK, OR I'LL DESTROY YOU!" I fricked yout, so i brought him a snack. I then went back to sleep. Afterwards, the spider said "I WANT A THINGY NOW. I went to get him a thingy, but the wolf-man killed me. I was frightened. I will kill myself now.