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You know that blue hedgehog right? well this blue animal is based off a kid in high school. Sonic was a kid named Scott and his hair was dyed blue and he always wore red shoes and white gloves. He also wore blue shirts and pants, Tails was sonic's best friend and Tails was a nerd named Ted that Scott knew but not his best friend. Knuckles was a bully named Kade and he would beat up Scott everyday.

In 1989 march 27, Scott was 15 years of age and Kade had invited Scott over to his place to beat him up. Ted found Scott in a trash can and when he did he just shook his head kicked the trash can over. Amy was a girl named lilly and lilly was too shy to talk to anyone and even Scott, Scott is lilly's love but she didn't know how to talk to him.

Shadow was a kid named Seth and he was an emo kid that always cut himself and hated life and everyone. He would always say "I've seen this before" When people talk to him but stopped when they figured out he was emo. Rouge the bat was based off a teacher that everyone thought was hot but not Scott, Rouge was a teacher named Mrs.Rose and she loved money and would do anything for it to.

Eggman was based off Scott's bossy and angry father, Scott's father was angry and blames Scott for everything and blames him for his mother leaving. Silver was Scott's brother that hates him for the reason of their mother leaving them. Silver is a boy named Steven and Steven would throw things at Scott and sometimes boxes.

Blaze is based off a girl named Beth and she is a hot headed girl and she hates people who think their better than her, so when Scott thought he was better than Beth she blew her lid and beat up scott and threw him away in the trash and when she did Kade laughed.

In 1989 April 3rd, Lilly stop going to school and Scott was looking for her that day too so he went to her house and her parents were having a breakdown, Scott walked in and her mother went to Scott and gave him a note that him about her feeling for him.

Scott went home upset the whole day and Steven and his day made fun of him for being a sore puss the whole day. Big the cat was based off a fat guy next door named Ben and he was a rapist so Scott never went to his house but you could hear him sometimes say to kids or anyone "Where's froggy?." Cream was based off a little girl that came over to play with Scott sometimes and she made him feel like a hero when they played together.

In 1990 Scott had killed himself after the lose of Cream, she had got ran over, and Shadow had cut himself too deep and died. Steven didn't care too much but now he was blamed for things but his father now Steven feels the pain that Scott felt.

In 1990 Steven was interviewed for a new game called Sonic the hedgehog and He told saga about all the things that happened to his brother Scott and make Scott the hero and they agreed to it as long as they get to change it a bit.

Title Screen - Sonic the Hedgehog 2

In 1991 Sonic was released, and later that year his Steven's father died due to a heart attack and Kade was angry that he wasn't involved in the sonic game. In 1992 saga released sonic 2 and Kade was angry with Ted that he was the star as well in the new game of sonic.

Kade got drunk that night and he was drunk off his ass so badly when he drove around trying to get home he drove over a bridge and died due to the crash. Kade would be happy to know if he was still alive In 1994 Sega released Sonic 3 and Knuckles was based off Kade, Kade would be happy with it but he's no longer here.

In 1997 Steven had died due to depression and the lose of his family and his brother, he hanged himself later that year. Sega now uses the idea of Sonic the hedgehog.