My "creepy pasta" : warning scary

March 23rd, it was a nice day but then suddenly I got a email. I checked the email and it was a link to a website I've never heard of or scene. Not questioning why this guy knew my email I clicked the link because of course the link isn't suspicious at all. When I clicked the link I was taken to a page that said... oh SHIT RUSSIAN TEXT. I shit myself so hard my anus hurt for 2 days and I had to go to the hospital.

When I got back I had another email from the same guy. Of course I clicked the link again and I was taken to a site that said... oh SHIT COMIC SANS. At this moment I got a mega boner and it lasted 2 days. Wait... 2 + 2 = 6... 666, AT this moment... AT THIS MOMENT... a mega demon u came out of my computer and tried to take my soul, but of course because I am the one and only sexy beast comic sans, but his demon magic had no effect. I destroyed him with my sexiness.

I got another email from the same guy, oh btw his name is which I thought was pretty normal and shruged it off. I clicked on the link and I was taken to a site with... oh SHIT NOTHING. the screen was white... and nothing happend. but the moment I clicked the x on the tab, I saw for 9.23529835 milliseconds a picture of Doge, except he was bloody and covered with HYPER... HYPER!! REALISTIC blood. the background was fire and the fire was covered in blood. BUT WORST OF ALL the blood was covered in blood. Doge also looked hyper realistic. I somehow remembered this even though there was no fucking way I could have remembered it.

I then got ANOTHER link by the same email user. this time the page had... oh SHIT POPE HENTAI. at this moment tenticals came out of the screen and went into my butt, I then woke up and realized this was just a dream.

but then I got a real link from that gmail guy and I was taken to a link with... oh SHIT DORITO DUST. I then died of a massive diabetes heart attack. so how the fuck did I post this in the first place? I dunno. Moral of the story : russian text is evil. But at that moment I got one last link, I clicked on it and I was suddenly alive again. I dont' remember anything that happend. so again how the fuck did I write this.

3 months later I got another link from the same guy, some how remembering everything even though I didn't. The link took me to a page that said... oh SHIT A VIDEO. The video was really scary and I shit myself really hard again. this time though my anus only hurt for 1 day so it was better than the last time when I saw... oh SHIT RUSSIAN TEXT. just thinking about russian text made me have a mega shit again and now my anus would hurt for 3 days instead of 1 or 2. I guess you can say I was butthurt. btw here is the link to the spooky video, warning it might give you a shit really hard.

If you watched the video without shitting you have iron bowls. anyways back to the story, oh are you scared btw too? this is suppose to be scary so I hope your scared.

I got another email from the mysterious emailer who now changed his email name to this seemed quite normal to me. But this time the link was a picture. the picture kinda spooked me for the first time this whole, even since the first email I got even though I dont' fucking remeber the first email because that one email said it removed my memory so how the fuck do I remember this stuff. the picture was the scariest thing I ever saw, I have a link here to the picture, warning scary might shit urself. Of course I didn't shit myself this time, it wasn't as scary as the others. oh here is the link.

I know scary right?

I then got one more email, the last one. This was the scariest one of all. This one made me shit so hard I died, wait If I died how did I type this, fuck it at this point I'm not going to even question this fucking stupid person who wrote this. anyways the link took me too a trollpasta wiki. It was a story called "Blood Whistle," I figured this was just a trollpasta but when I read it was so scary with all the blood because blood is scary of course. but instead of the usual blood whistle that that famous mooty booty read online, here is the link to the original video btw

there was even more blood, but instead of regular blood it was... oh SHIT HYPER REALISTIC BLOOD. the blood hyper realistically came out of the screen and hyper realistically killed me. the police found my body 145/4325 of a day latter. again how the fu... it was then someone came in from the left... it was patrick, he looked at me with his hyper realistic eyes and hyper realistic face. His hyper realistic body that was pink in his hyper realistic swim suit things. He looked at me and resurrected me. so wait ok now I'm no longer dead so now I know how I wrote this. It was then now a black hole opened and sucked me in. befor it killed me I got out one last yo moma joke.

"yo moma is so fat Stephen hawking's based his black hole theory on your moms asshole"

I was then ded

The end