Everyone knows the Anime Pokemon right? well the story is more evil and scary than you ever thought, Ash is a young boy that has heath problems and had a rat as a pet named pikachu and ash's mother had gotten left by her husband so he could get rich and to get away from the failed son he had. Ash had no idea that his dad left because how Ash could not do much without his heath getting in the way of it.

Pikachu was left out by his friend he had named Brock because he wanted to hold it but he ran away and hit a wall and a lamp fell on him shocking the living hell out it. Ash forgave Brock but was sad. Brock told Ash he would get him a new pet, that day Ash went to bed and rested as a thunder storm could be heard and a girl that looked like she was soaked broke in the house stared at Ash her hair was red and dripping water she smirked as she rubbed ash's skin until she heard someone walking to Ash's room.

Ash's mom walked in his room to check on him, the soaked girl waited for her to leave and when she did the girl took Ash's hat and left the house through the window. The next day Ash couldn't find his hat so Brock took him to get a new hat and Brock saw a skinny and pale white girl with red hair with Ash's hat, but Brock didn't want to get ash too excited or else he'll get an heat attack. Brock walked Ash to a store when ash was told to wonder around for a new hat as Brock waited, Ash found a new hat but saw a girl that seemed to be soaking a lot, The girl was by the hat he wanted but was also holding a dead rat that had been sprayed yelled and then she turned to look at Ash and she threw the rat at Ash and she spoke softly "Hello, Ash this is your old pal Pikachu....and this is your hat" Ash had wide eyes as he walked to the girl and once he got close enough the girl smirked and shakes the shit out of Ash until he stopped moving and breathing and put the hat on and walked to brock as he noticed no one was in the Shop and started to look for ash but saw the girl again.

"Hey, um do you know where my friend is? his name is ash and-" Brock was cut off when the girl stabbed Brock in the chest as she said softly "I am ash now..." The knife dig into Brock as Brock fell down passing out died.