Prologue Edit Edit

Hi, my name is Michael.

I'm a huge Pokémon fan, who moved from California, to the U.S.

I enjoyed generation one more than the rest.

"Why?" you may ask.


Because of cut content!

There's a whole lot of scrapped/cut content from generation one that never made the cut.

During the year of 1995, a demo cartridge was given to 10 people.

Two of those people were my parents.

They gave the cartridge to me for my 12th birthday, as well as a gameboy.

I'm ready to tell you all my experience.

The Story Edit Edit

I put the cartridge I got, into my gameboy and turned it on.

The intro played as usual until the title screen appeared.

There was only the logo, no Pokémon, no Red, nothing.

I made a save file, started in lavender town tower, with a level 16 charmander and a level 13 pidgey.

It looked like the building was burning down, nobody was inside.

The lavender town tower music played, but it was sped up, and I heard the sound you usually hear when your Pokémon's hp is low.

There was a time limit on the left, that was set for 2 minutes.

I made my player go to the first floor, the time limit was down to 12 seconds.

Before I could get out, I heard my the cries of my Pokémon.

I checked my party, but they were all burning, with 0 hp left.

The time was up, my player was engulfed in flames, as I heard 8-bit screaming coming from my gameboy.

Then, my save file was erased.

I then wonder what would happen if I went out, before the time was up.

I made another save file, but this time I went out.

All that was left of the lavender town tower was a pile of black pixels laying there on the ground.

A text box popped up saying "The Demo Is Over.", "I Hope You Had Fun!"

Why would GameFreak make something like this?

Is this what they were hiding?

My gameboy played a distorted, slow version of the lavender town theme.

Then, my gameboy made wierd noises, the cartridge was burning, just like the lavender town tower.


Story Made By: TheSonic.exeWiki