It's been three years since i played Pokemon of the old gens, Ever since when I played Ruby and thank god my eyes are ok again. I am 20 now, I live in California and I have a dog named charlie. I felt like playing an old game but the only kind of old game i had was Pokemon Stadium so I pulled it out and hooked it up. the game worked but the screen was red for a second but i didn't question it. the start screen was up and it only showed the title and the background was white. I just thought it was sorta broken so i just pressed start and it just had one option and it was called PokeRed.

'" I said to myself as a text box showed up before I could do anything. "Hello, Remember me? Remember when I said you can't escape your fate with Satan?" The text had read as it went to the pokemon section screen. but the only pokemon I could choose was Charizard so I did and when I did it showed a trainer fight but the trainer was pitch black, not to the race the color. The battle started and he sent a Oddish but it looked sad and it had no leaves. I sent out Charizard but this charizard was dark orange and had a blue flame on it's tail.

The attacks for charizard was Slash, toss, gore, and mercy. I chose Slash since it wouldn't let me choose the other options "charizard used slash" a text box said as charizard went up to Oddish and scratched up Oddish and made him Faint. The Trainer sent out a blastoise but it was green and missing some parts of it's body like it's eye and leg and it's left arm. "zombToise was sent out and it used virus" the text box said as the Blastoise ran up to my charizard and bite on charizard's neck as my charizard's Hp went down to one hp. I used the Attack Mercy and it healed Charizard and the text box said that zombToise felt bad and wouldn't attack.

Charizard used Gore and stabbed his claws into zombToise and it went through it's shell but I couldn't see that part. "zombToise Fainted..." The text box said and also said " Trainer 002@3_""""jkhg has blacked out" and once I pressed A to continue a new trainer was shown and who was gonna fight me. the battle started once the battle started the trainer was shown as red skinned boy and the trainer was named "Santa_guest" and he sent out some Pokemon named White hand. I sent out Charizard and the White hand used Curse virus and when it did it made Charizard purple and made Charizard's eyes black. Then charizard's name changed to PokeRed's Charizard.

charizard used Toss on white hand but didn't work on him. "White hand used Virus x10" but for some reason it only healed Charizard and charizard used Gore on White hand but also didn't work on white hand "White hand used Mercy on charizard, charizard felt angry and wasn't planning to attack" the text box said as the battle continued. I tried to use Mercy back but charizard used Slash and charizard tore off all the fingers off the hand. White hands' hp was at 10 and charizard used Mercy and healed himself and regain his colors of bright orange and the blue flame.

White hand was returned as Satan sent out Missing No. and it was a glitch L that all pokemon masters have and now Satan is using it against me. Missing No used Rare candy on Charizard and Charizard lost hp for being at full heath. Charizard is at 34 hp and I use Gore on missing No and when I did charizard Fainted and Satan won but the battle didn't end. Missing No went to up to the screen and made a loud screeching sound. The TV and the console shut off as a Charizard doll was on my bed and so was Oddish I made faint in the first match. I look at it as I feel someone behind me and when I looked no one but there was a red like smoke around the Nintendo 64 "You can't escape from us" A voice said coming from the console.

I grin and digs into the Oddish doll "Why would I? when I have power to be a pokemon master...and more" I said as the voice laughed with me. I had no choice but to join Satan and his games i just hope no one finds these PokeRed games and joins Satan as well.