My name is Max and it's been two months since I've seen him. It's Midnight and I decided to go to his house to see if he's ok, But when i got there his house was re colored red but very sloppy like the painter didn't care. I go inside the house since it was unlocked and there was his dog but she was skinny and looked like she was painted as well "charlie what happened?" I asked her as I go to her and help her up as she whimpered. I look at my friend's door to his room "Thomas..." I said softly walking to the door letting go of Charlie.

I looked at the door that was painted with a big red S but it was also sloppy. I enter the room and I see Thomas chained to the bed that he once called his resting place. "T-Thomas?..." I said while tears went down my face as I went closer and saw his chest was cut open and his rips were broken. It looked like someone spray painted PS on him. I looked over to his Tv and the Nintendo 64 was on but everything was in red and then a shadow was over me. "Well hello Max it's nice of you to Join us" A voice said. "Who said that?" I asked as the voice giggled and said "Well i'm a friend as you can say and someone wants to talk to you...look at the Screen" the voice said as I looked.

What I saw on the screen made me cry a bit as I saw my dead brother "I wanna be the very best..." He said as I put my hands on the TV. "The game your Friend played was one out of the Games i've taken over and I like to call it PokeRed and your friend played two of my games already so he's my toy now but your brother is more than just a toy but my new friend. He's the final boss to any of my Pokered games." The voice said as I looked at my Brother as his hair was longer than it was and his eyes were blue and had green skin and short yellow nails. When i looked away i saw a man in a suit and tie with small horns and red skin, He also had red eyes blue hair and was holding a Nintendo 64 game "I'm Satan's son and I make money off of the games I take over. and the more people I kill over these games and more I take over, more money I earn a week" Satan's son said "but I just call myself Satan in the games to get very more boost of money. so call me Satan for now" He said.

He handed me the Game 'Play it and find out what your brother and your pal have seen, don't worry for you...this one's on the house so nothing bad will happen to you" Satan said as I trusted him which was a bad idea. I put the game on and it shows the title screen and I press start as Satan stands beside me and I sweat nervously as I see the only option and it was a square and inside the square it said Alpha battles with a blue background. I select the Alpha battle mode. After I selected it and it showed me a team of pokemon and Satan said it was the only team I could choose.

I chose the team and then it told me I was facing a trainer named "Thomas" and it looked like Thomas and his team was charizard Blastoise and Pikachu but they were green and missing parts and their names were changed to Charizombie, zombToise, and Pikabite and the first one that sent out was zombToise and I sent out my only pokemon and it was the pokemon I'd always choose and it was Mew. I would cheat in a mew in almost every game and some how Mew was in this game but I'm not surprised since this game is a PokeRed game. "What will you do?" Satan asked with a grin as i looked at the game and I chose Mew to use Mercy and when Mew used Mercy Mew let out a screech that hurt my ears.

Mew also made zombToise faint and it also said zombToise was cured and went to hell. "How dare you take my Pokemon away..." a text box said as I looked back at Satan "It's your choice to save them or kill them" Satan said. After Satan said that I looked at the screen as Thomas sent out pikabite, it was a green Pikachu with a his left ear missing. An eye missing as well but it was just black out, Pikabite's Sound bite was a piece of the lavender town music. "Pikabite used Bite" "it missed" A text box said as Me used Mercy bell without my control.

The Mercy bell attack had made the rest of Thomas' team faint had been deleted. The battle ends and Satan was no longer with me and I was alone in Thomas room. A voice was heard in the house and when I blinked four times everything turned normal and Thomas was ok, the giant teddy bear his girlfriend got his last year was where Thomas was. "dude I know you wanna play Pokemon but come on say Hi to me first" Thomas smiled as tears went down my face.

But I knew I trapped in Satan's cruel realm because this is what i want to see not what is really what I see. I knew because there was that S again on the door and I was the only one who could see it. "What's wrong Max?" Thomas asked as i said "nothing let's play huh?" I said with a smile and he nodded. When Thomas wasn't looking I frowned.