I heard of the game Pokemon game called Pokered and I wanted to see this myself and once I got my hands on the game I was disappointed when I saw it was a GBA but I had it for free so why not play it at least.

I put the game in and started it up and it showed the title screen "Pokemon Ruby Version" I pressed start and there was a save game so I logged in to it. I was at the final trainer at the elite four, and once I walked to him he wasn't happy with me for some reason. "You've been one of Satan's chosen people now beg for mercy!" After i read that a battle started.

the old man's name didn't display just Old man wants to fight and he sent out dragonair and I sent out Torchic with it's level being ??? "What the hell?" I said under my breathe. The dragonair used dragon rage but didn't effect torchic for some reason. Torchic had a move set of Burn, Hell, genocide, and rest I chose rest and it had a pink sprite like smog affect around dragonair.

Dragonair had been sent to hell with Gold and Red. "Wait..this isn't the normal ruby game this is PokeRed!!" I just realized I got what I wanted all along but now I don't want it anymore it wasn't normal or real. I turned off the game but didn't work and torchic used hell and the text said "The old man joined Red and Gold" I panicked and threw my game across the room.

I curled up and rocked and I heard the cry of a torchic and the evolving sound was happening, I slowly walked to the game and saw the red background and saw my character and it was the male character. after it was over and my character was gone, it was a black screen and a text box showed "Brendan's fate is locked down to Satan now. "Join us Crystal" I threw away the game and after I did my mom came home and I ran to her arms and cried softly and she held me in her arms. "Miss me that much dear?"

I nodded and I spent the rest of the day thinking of that damn game. I hate pokemon ruby but I don't hate any other kind of games. This Christmas I got a new game and my eyes widen when I saw the game and It was Pokemon ruby.