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It has been weeks since I've played a Gameboy Color game and now I wish I didn't . I saw this blank Gameboy color game at a yard sale "Excuse me sir, how much is this game?" I asked the old man running this yard sale and he said "1.59 ok kid" I nodded and I paid and took it home.

I jumped on my bed and I put the game in the Gameboy color I own and it showed a black screen. After five seconds it showed the title "POKEred" and that's it and I pressed A and it spawned me in pallet town and Oak was in front of me, my house was gone. Like someone forgot to make it in the coding.

"Red why? why did you hurt your mother? and why your rival blue?" a text box said and Oak was saying it. I tried to walk away from Oak but a Oak said "Don't walk away from me like you did from everyone" after he did a battle started "Oak wants to help you."

Red sent out Charizard but Oak didn't sent out anything and I was questioning that. "Charizard used slash...the attack missed" Oak's sprite didn't look happy and my charizard's sprite was blue and red. "Oak used potion on Red" my Gameboy started to heat up and charizard's cry. "Red used glare and Charizard used Flamethrower" I saw Oak's sprite go down slowly.

The battle ended and Oak was gone and a text box showed up "I will be the very best" Red started to walk to pewter city. I had control of red again and I walked to brock and he said "R-red? leave you already got your winnings" the battle started with brock and his sprite looked like he was weak and starving. "Red sent out Pikachu" I didn't want to fight brock like I did Oak. Pikachu's sprite was blue just plain blue "Pikachu used thunder on brock...Brock was shocked to death."

I felt the pain for brock, I saw the text box show up again "I wanna be the very no one ever way" after reading that I took out the game so fast and threw it across the room and smashed my game boy color. "No...I'll be the very best..hehe" I said and started giggling then laughing uncontrollably, I've lost all sanity I had left.