I was going through all my old GameCube games and I saw a game I never saw before "Pac-man World 4?" I asked myself. I go to my living room and hook-up my GameCube and put the game in the GameCube, the Namco logo loads up. After five seconds of plain white the start screen showed up and I pressed start and there was four save states, I picked the first one and I loaded into level one.

It was a grass like plain world and there was one ghost and a power pellet. After one second a text box and it said "Please have mercy" and I was confused and when it was gone I ate the power pellet. After I did so the ghost was blue and waving his hands but wasn't moving. I went to eat the ghost and once I did the ghost made a crunch sound and a text box showed up and said "No mercy as"

the level ended and I was very confused "Wait what's happening? is Pac-man?" I ask as a new level starts. I was in some kind of water level and all there was were ghost and one power pellet but once I started to go to it, all the ghost kept hurting me and killing me. The ghost kept wasting all my lives, after my final try it was game over but the game over screen was Pac-man holding onto a rope for dear life as he knows it and it says Continue yes or no?

I send to a snow like level and there was a ghost and a power pellet next to each other and a text showed up and said "Choose your fate" after it went away I went to the power pellet and ate the ghost, after I did that the game crashed and the TV turned off. All of the power went off in my house " maybe it's just a power out" I said to myself as I go and get a candle to see where I'm going. the TV turned on and I looked at it and it was static for a while, then it showed a red Pac-man and was being chased but blue ghost. I watched as it froze and a text box showed up "Why is this my fate? why do you choose my fate?" and as I read this the TV turned back to static, after five seconds it turned off and the power turned on. My candle went out without warning or any wind the doors and windows were closed so I don't know why it went out.

I tried to unplug and plug the TV to turn it on but nothing, I tried taking the game out of the GameCube but it burned him and the TV turned on without it being plugged in and it showed the two ghost I had killed and it showed the two ghost with two parts of Pac-man. "We have a better fate for you Alex" a raspy voice had said and I'm thinking it came from the TV.

I broke my TV and grabbed my lighter and burned my GameCube, I grabbed my car keys and ran to my car "I'm never living in that house again" I said to my self as I drove off to a new place. I now live in California and I sleep nicely but sometimes I can here the sound of Pac-man eating pellets. It was warm night this night and my TV was on and my Wife that I had married wasn't on the bed but the floor not breathing. "You can't escape, you should have faced your fate back at home but your love ones will now suffer with you!" a voice had yelled.