You know the yellow ball of sprite? you know PAC-man did you know he was based off a real person and his life. This boy's name was Pablo, This boy had a eating problem and the pellets are fat foods he has eaten over the years of his life and yellow skin of PAC-man only means that Pablo was Asian.

The power pellet was the show to sweets he had eaten and they made him feel invisible against anyone. Pablo had four bullies and their nick names were "Shadow" "Speedy" "Bashful" and "Pokey." Shadow was nicknamed that because he was always in the shadows, Speedy was called that because she was the fastest in the group. Bashful was the shy one but still hurtful, and Pokey was named pokey for poking Pablo a lot.

Pablo wasn't allowed to call them by their nickname or real name so they told him to call them by his own nicknames so he called shadow Blinky because when he wasn't in the shadows he was blinking. Speedy was called pinky since she always wore pink when not around her bully friends. Bashful was called inky caused he loves pens. Pokey was called Clyde because he thought of this name while sleeping.

Shadow was the meanest to Pablo, he was the leader of the bullies. the reason the ghost turns blue at some points in PAC-man is because they all wore blue because Shadow forced them. you'll never guess who Pinky or Speedy was, yup she was pablo's sister and she still bullied him at home. Bashful was one of the nicer one to Pablo, almost his friend when he isn't being forced to bully Pablo.

Pokey was a husky one and would push around Pablo, Pablo wished someone would care more about him like bashful would. You know how when pac-man dies he kind goes over and disappears. That's because that is Pablo having a heart attack and dying.

Pablo had died because of his eating problem and how much stress of the bullies and his older sister had put on him. Bashful is the only one that cared not even his sister.