It was 2001 when I was on a project called "Human" My name is Coil and my brother that was also in this Project and his name was Jerry. We were on a island that no one has ever been to and it was a pretty big island and my brother and I had called it Big foot Island because of the shape of the island. It was midnight when my brother woke me up as he told me he heard howling and we both knew there is no such animal on this Island that can howl this late. "Coil what's that sound?" Jerry asked as I shrug. Jerry takes out a Flashlight shaking, I've never seen my 19 year old brother this scared. Me and Jerry went out side and went walking around and went to a light house that was on the Island and that's where Jerry said he heard the sound.Jerry was behind me as I entered and i went to the very top. "There's nothing here Jerry" I said and when I turned around Jerry wasn't behind me anymore "Jerry? where'd you go?" I asked as I looked around. I walked down the Light house and when i walked out of the light house i was Jerry but on the floor passed out and when a Member from the Human project and he was wearing all black while holding a Honey badger gun.

"Your both coming with me right now" He said as I nodded and the man picked up Jerry and carried him a while going through the forest. Me and Jerry were brought into some kind of Lab and their was a weird metal cage where Jerry was put in. "Hey what are doing to him?" I asked worried as the leader of this project said "It's his own fault his our new test monkey" the man then grunts and when he did two men in black grabbed my arms.

"Hey?! let me go!" I yelled as a Crossbow like machine was pointed at at Jerry and Jerry was waking up and i don't know if he could hear because he was just waking up. The crossbow shot a yellow beam of light and the light was so bright I was blinded by it. 'w-what was that?" I asked as I looked at Jerry and Jerry had lost his left arm and he was bleeding purple like blood.

The leader of this Project was wearing a white lab coat and grunted and when he did the two men holding me let me go and went to get Jerry and they put him in a metal box and two other men in dark dark suits not lab coats and they picked me up and threw me down what was like a garbage shoot. I fell into a room that was blank white room with a table and a mug was on the table but the mug read "Last" and I didn't know what that meant. after 15 seconds of being in that room the walls were closing on me, then when i was up against the walls I started to scream and when I did a trap door opened and i was sent down there.

I was in a dark room and the leader of the project was in front of me and clears his throat and looks down at me "What do you think about what we did to Jerry? huh? why we did it?" he said as I didn't answer and the man didn't speak for at least for two minutes. "He came here to be the Project, he told you he was helping the project so he wouldn't worry you but he didn't lie either" He said as I looked up at him, I was still sitting on the floor when I fell down because I scared to stand. "He is the thing that will prove what is really human?" he continued.

"Later today you will help us find out how far Humans will go" He said as he looked at me walking back and forth. I looked at him with a worried face and i looked at the floor "y-yes..sir" I said I was carried out by few men into a camp like site. I went into the tent I was told to sleep in, it was midnight when I heard a weird sound and when I got up and I knew now Jerry didn't want to be part of the Human project, he was choosen like I was that night.