i was on gmod then i got shot by a skeleton and i was banned from the server

i was banned from server because the map i was playing in was 2spooky4me

i can't be fucking banned dammit!

the computer blocked me for 69 years

i decided to make another account called dick

i played and i got banned for not being fun I JUST FUCKING STARTED THE MAP!

but the map i started was in peach's castle

i decided to look at shy girl porn the custom mario characters

shy girls are my jam

after fapping to shy girls i was un blocked from gmod on my orriginal account

i went to the fucking workshop where i can download the whole gta 5 map for 5 bucks

i payed the fucking money

but the map was just a platform with the sky as a gta 5 map screenshot that was low quality

thats when my doge ragdoll flew by farting and no scoped me in the face with snoop dog on my fucking screen

i got banned from being no scoped in the dick

i slamed my head so hard on the keyboard i died

the final thing i saw were doge dancing on my desktop

and thats how shrek became the fresh prince of bel air