Vault 00-0 was now run down with cockroaches inside feeding on the people still inside, or the dead bodies inside that aren't fully dry bones. Seth roger is a doctor that lived inside the Vault 00-0 but after the Overseer, Joey Thomson had told Seth he could no longer do projects for the place he called home and if he did he would be kicked out of the vault and to live in the waste lands. After Seth was told this he was in rage but kept his calm nature until day 14 after being told he could no longer do projects for Vault 00-0, Seth had made a creature you could say and Seth was forced out of the Vault after what Seth's son found his father's latest project that would get rid of the Overseer but Seth didn't get the chance to use this Project against Joey the overseer.

Once Seth was gone the Vault was finally at peace but after a couple days of Seth was gone the Overseer had heard screams. The overseer rushes to the voices but then saw a robot that looked like it came from Vegas. it was a securitron but it's face was like a normal one but it's eyes, the eyes were yellow and it's mouth it looked so real for the tech used for this robot. The mouth was ripped open, like forced to be this way. This Securitron had been ripping people in half and attacking people with their limbs, The Overseer was scared and tried to run away but then it hit him. If he killed the Robot he would be the Overseer to save the Vault but at last this idea would make this Overseer a dead one.

The Overseer got a gun and started shooting at the thing. "W-what?! why won't you die?" The Overseer said with fright "Target found, Ghoulitron must kill Overseer" The Robot spoke, and it said it's name as well. "Ghoulitron? that's what Seth had called it?" The Overseer thought about this for a second and realized that Seth knows how to get in and out of the vault without being noticed. Seth brought a Ghoul and forced it into the robot, but how did he get one of these Robots? That will never be answered to the Overseer since the Ghoulitron had formed his hand into a machine gun and said "Mission Task, Kill Overseer then blow the Vault by self-destruct" The Ghoulitron had said as the Overseer was in fear. "N-no! stop! I am the Overseer! ..." But the he stopped and closed his eyes and accepted his fate. The Overseer was shot multiple times after the Ghoulitron had did so, The Robot went to the core of the Vault and blow it right up.