*Fallout Story: Backstory*

Seth rogers is a doctor that lived in Vault 00-0 but he also lived in the Mojave before living in Vault 00-0. Seth lived in a run down house with two roommates, they were a ghoul and a Mr. handy robot. The Ghoul was a young female named Clair dagger and the Mr. Handy robot is called RoCop, RoCop is a copper Mr.Handy robot but Seth felt like he was way to smart for them. Rocop and Clair were looking around for Seth one day but they should have left when they could when Seth came back with a gun he called the Ghoul Droid "S-Seth?" Clair said with fear as Rocop didn't say a thing knowing it's fate was soon and was not good. After the death of the two "friends" of Seth, Seth started to walk off with blood on his legs. Seth was only 12 years of age when he killed his pals.

Seth comes across a cave that has grey vines over lapping it. Seth walks inside where he saw his brother Vector rogers on the floor begging to be inside, but to be inside of what? Once Seth figured what Vector wanted Seth went to the door of the vault, named 00-0, it seemed like this overseer that ruled inside didn't allow anyone inside. Seth showed that he was once born in a vault meaning his brother was also born inside a vault as well. The overseer allowed them inside but they were watched over and they were given a room that´s been unused for three years. Vector jumped on his bed smiling while Seth was holding a part of metal that had a name on it and the same said ¨Clair¨

Vector looked at Seth´s metal and asked him about the name but Seth didn't ever answer any questions about Clair or his past in the waste lands. Seth kept his life away from the vault. This is his new home and he wants to do nothing more than just protect his new home, the Vault 00-0. After not seeing his Brother Vector for so many years he'll do as much as he needs to, to protect the vault. Seth is a Doctor in-training at the moment thanks to the Overseer and Doctor Brobby. Seth just made a Machine called NV-007 or New Vegas 7th machine. New Vegas tech was used to make this machine and it was made for people to use when they wanna see the sky or stars.

Seth was happy to see others happy with the outside without going out there themselves they can come to this machine to look at the Mojave at anytime they like. Seth was finally happy with his life but felt bad for leaving or killing the people who cared for him out in the Mojave. He killed the one woman who truly loved him, even if it was a ghoul he didn't care, but for some reason he felt unhappy out there. So deep inside Seth roger isn't happy hes sad and what he does to cover it up is to invent and he tries his best to forget Clair but he can´t forget a person who loved him.