I was only nine years of age, Me and my mother had a rough week. First Dad took my brother with him when he left mom and I lost my way home Monday. Second my mother had lost the family dog when her and dad had their final fight before he left and took my brother. It was a cold morning when my mother walked to me and put a mickey mouse hat on me, and I was confused why she did that "Mom, why did you do that?" I asked as I tilt my head as she giggled. "I was thinking we should go somewhere you've always wanted to go" my mother said as I grew happy "Are we going to Disney Land!!?" I asked with happiness and she nodded.

I was so happy when she had told me this, she told me to pack my stuff for the week end so we can go. I rushed to my room and packed my clothes and my teddy bear, I walk to my mom with my backpack on my back, I was also holding my teddy bear. "Come on honey let's go now" My mom said as I walked with her to the car, I was in the back seat while my Mom was getting me a snack. Once she brought me fruit snacks she started to drive to Disney Land.

I was asleep half the trip and i also had a nightmare during the drive. I was in a dark room with a a tall man with a purple suit with a lollipop in his left hand, "Want some candy kid?" The man asked as I was dizzy and before I could answer I was woken up by my mother. "Honey we're here" I look at my mom and smile as I unbuckle myself and jump out of the car and hold my mom's hand. "Ok honey go have fun and meet me back at the hotel at 6:30" my mom said as I nod "Be a good boy now" my mom said rubbing my head as I smile and walk off.

I find a weird "ride" called Fun Room Line, I walked into the little blue house and I saw a arrow to red door that had a Z on the door. It was a black room and there were all big and small boxes. there is all kinds of boxes, I tripped over something and I was panicking since I couldn't find my teddy bear "Where are you teddy?!!" someone or something tapped my shoulder a couple times before saying something. "H-hey kid, here's your Teddy bear" A tremble like voice said handing my Teddy bear to me.

I couldn't see his body very well, "um..thank you" I said holding my teddy tightly "y-your welcome pal" the person said. "Who are you?" I asked "Who me? you really wanna know pal?" the person asked as I said yes and sat on a box waiting. "Well..I'm your good friend Mickey Mouse" The person said as the switch the light one and I saw the weird looking creature. He looked like a mutant rat hybrid with a small boy "H-how is that true?!" I said falling back on my ass.

"It's a l-long story, a story I don't wanna tell a young lad like your self" The rat thing said as I asked "Ok, um Mickey how can I leave this place?" after I asked I didn't hear out of him again. Mickey turned off the lights and started to talk "There is no way out once your in the Z room." I feel to my knees, my eyes widen as tears came out of my eyes. "I'm sorry...I've been here for many years because they want me to die but I can't die as long as Disney live boy" I look at him and I cover my face and whimpers.